Paste Magazine
"Lush soundscapes embody feminine sexuality on dark cabaret band Boudoir Noir’s first single, “Endless Dawn.”

Detroit Free Press

"Back to Me" is a shimmering, soft-pulsing new track from Flint's Boudoir Noir — and a seductive peek into the trio's forthcoming debut EP.

The CW50 Detroit
 "A beautiful mix of electronic pop, R&B and chill wave. It’s complex, layered and dripping with talent. The vocals are seductive and the harmonies are haunting. It feels organic and unique, like nothing you’ve ever heard."

Songwriting Magazine
Blending influences from pop, trip-hop and leftfield electronica..... for fans of Goldfrapp, Morcheeba, Bjork, London Grammar and Portishead.

Entertainment Realm
"dark cabaret-style which combines electronica, a bit of hip-hop/ world music beats, lush compositions and varied instrumentation. become engulfed in the haunting aspect of this single."

Hip in Detroit
When you see them perform live, Maria's stage performance mimics the music to create an out of this world visual experience that takes the art of performance to another level. Boudoir is a band that you experience, not just music that you listen to.

                                                               The Autumn Roses

 "Endless Dawn” is the eerie and soulful new single from Flint, Michigan’s Boudoir Noir. It sounds like satin sheets and candlelight,"

 It is a sensual love song that combines electronic and acoustic beats with oriental melodies.

The Music Magazine
Rich soundscapes and Eastern influences slither around like a snake being charmed by a hypnotic rhythm.

Magnet Magazine
The interestingly named Boudoir Noir have a new song called “Endless Dawn” to sink your teeth into. Coming from their June 6 EP Endless Dawn, the title track mixes moody electronica with a talented vocalist.


Joy of Violent Movement
"Comprised of a gently throbbing bass line and swirling electronics paired with Rose’s seductive vocals in a way that sounds as though they were meshing trip-hop with an Eastern flair."

Notes from left of the dial
There's something mysterious and slightly dangerous about the music of Michigan-based cabaret pop group Boudoir Noir. It's filled with shadows, whispers and things that hide in the darkness, but it's not unapproachable

Hip in Detroit
 "Their sound is soft and sexy at the same time, very different from what anyone else in Metro Detroit is currently doing."

The Autumn Roses
Slinky guitar lines intertwine and couple, mystical melodies dance like shadows in the candlelight, and then the smoke clears, revealing something beautiful.

Detroit Metrotimes
"Front-gal Rose purrs her way through dark poetry over hard beats and pulsting, compelling synth"

Motor City Blog
"Their songs are dreamy, lush soundscapes that transport the listener to a dark and sultry place begging to be explored further."

The group’s sensual, rich sound is as if R&B made a brain child with ambient pop in a haunted opera theater. Their lusty dreaminess is captivating in recordings and enchanting in a live show.
"not afraid to push the line even further, with their unique and fiery musical sound"

Music Without Labels
"guaranteed to have you spinning in a cloud of soulful, sultry bliss"

Awesome Mitten
"you are enveloped in a sound that is both happy and gritty, and always leaves you wanting more."

Sparks + Glowsticks
"her mercurial and energetic presence pulls you through"

Metro Times' City Slang by Brett Callwood
"...full of heart, soul and great songs."

Ripple Music Blogspot
"Maria's voice itself is a captivating, expressive instrument..."
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