1. Summer Skin

From the recording Singles

Maria Rose- Vocals, guitar, synth
Ben Schlatter- Percussion, drums, synth
Graham Rockwood- Bass

Mixed at 54 Sound Studio in Detroit, Michigan
Mastered at Joe Lambert's Mastering in New York City


Touch me in the darkness
Slowly breathe me in
falling fast I lose myself
in the garden of your skin

You can have it all
You can have it all

Pushing past the curtains
salty velvet kiss
bittersweet and indiscreet
there's a secret on my lips

and you taste it all
oh you taste it all

I wash up on the seashore
craving the ocean floor
you slowly pull me under
I take a breath and then we fall
we fall
rise up rise
take the night
you can have it all

Come on, come on, come on onto me
hear the beating of my heart
sings along with demon songs
and howls in the dark

and I burn it all
oh I burn it all

Give it, give it, give it up to me
let me color on your soul
paint a kiss with our sins
dipped in stunning gold

and we slowly fall
oh we slowly fall

I rise up with the sunset
dreaming of summer nights
tasting the candy skies
I take a breath and then we fall