1. Wild Valentine

From the recording Endless Dawn

Maria Rose Fournier- Vocals, Synth, Guitar
Ben Schlatter - Percussion, Synth
Graham Rockwood - Bass
Abhi Utekar - Tabla Drums
Aaron Reinhard - Background Vocals
Dan Zimmicky - Background Vocals

Produced by Tunde Olaniran and Boudoir Noir. Mixed at 54 Sound in Ferndale Michigan. Mastered at Joe Lambert Mastering in Jersey City, New Jersey


Rising up from the ember
eyes wide shut
slowly wake from my slumber
lift me up

Slither up my spine, start a fire when I let go
You tell me that you’re mine, start a fire when we move slow

I’ll wait for you by the water
fill my cup

Fire rising high
jump into the flames just to survive
I’ve got a pocket full of poems that I wrote just for you
Wild valentine
take another sip of your divine
and I’m drunk on the love that’s burning for you

Slide your hands up my body
taste it all
kisses melting to ashes
watch them fall

Slither up my spine, start a fire when I let go
Waiting all this time for a lover that would burn slow

I’ll wait for you in the shadows
Hear my call