1. Endless Dawn

From the recording Endless Dawn

Maria Rose Fournier - Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Ben Schlatter - Drums, Synth
Graham Rockwood - Bass
Tunde Olaniran - Background vocals

Produced by Tunde Olaniran and Boudoir Noir. Mixed at 54 Sound in Ferndale Michigan. Mastered at Joe Lambert Mastering in Jersey City, New Jersey.


It knocked me down
Silver in a golden heart
I’ve been asking around
for answers in the dark

No, I can’t see
where this road might lead
but I just can’t believe
in a stolen dream

Ask me sweet and ask me slow
cause’ I don’t wanna let this go
Ask me sweet and ask me slow
cause’ I’m not ready to let this go

Wrap me up
oh wrap me up
wrap me in the stars of your arms
let me hold to the light
of an endless dawn

Light me up
Oh, light me up
light me in the dark of your heart
let me burn like the light of an endless dawn

I know I’m holding on too tight
but there’s just so much that keeps me up at night