From the recording Endless Dawn

Maria Rose Fournier - Vocals, Synth
Ben Schlatter - Drums, Synth
Graham Rockwood - Bass

Recorded and produced by Boudoir Noir. Mixed at 54 Sound in Ferndale Michigan. Mastered at Joe Lambert Mastering in Jersey City, New Jersey.


Hungry lips, electric kisses, bathing in the rain
thunder rolling in. Caresses on my skin
Embrace the clouds around us, secrets in the night
whispers on the the wind, a storm is creeping in.

The crashing of the rain surrounds me,
taste of champagne revives me
I hear it rolling closer
takes my body over

Crashing like the rolling thunder
love ignites when it’s raining down
let the lightning pull me under
rolling thunder take me now

Open, I’m wide awake. I caught the lightning from the sky.
Placed it in my frigid chest. It set my heart afire
I feel the storm, it’s slowly rising
heavy clouds behind my eyes
A whirlwind inside. We chase the velvet night

You broke me open, I’m wide awake
I caught the lightning from the sky
and I’m not sleeping tonight, No I’m not sleeping tonight
you broke me open, I’m wide awake
I caught the lightning